Social Commitment

nValid Precision Engineering has been and always will be very active in helping the local community in developing a sustainable and better environment and infrastructure. This assistance and donations have been focused on a local and provincial level and includes all people around the project area.

Furthermore, emergency donations have been rallied quickly to reveal the hardship when the natural disaster of the dam failure in Attapeu occurred.

Below are some examples of nValid Precision Engineering’s effort tin achieving the ambitious company philosophy for a fair development for everybody.

School Project

nValid Precision Engineering provided funds and supervision to improve a school campus.

Local Government

nValid local authorities the equipment necessary to monitor and follow up on the project development.

Social Event

nValid Precision Engineering organized a football tournament to strengthen social relationships.

Provincial Government

We helped Attapeu’s provincial government with equipment to monitor project development.

Attapeu Hospital

Latest medical equipment for babys was donated to a local hospital.

Flood Donation

nValid contributed food and funds after the dam failure in the Attapeu province.